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727 15TH ST NW WDC 20005


3000 SQ FT

300 Person Capacity

AUDIO by iDesign Productions

Main Area: 4 EAW Avalon DC3, 4 Funktion One BR221 subwoofers, and 4 Funktion One F1201 loudspeakers.

Powered By: New E11EVEN professional 4 channel class D amplifiers delivering 46,000 watts.

DJ Booth: 2 EAW Avalon DC5 for DJ monitors, 3 Pioneer CDJ2000nxs2, and 1 Pioneer DJM900 Serato mixer.

LIGHTING/VIDEO by iDesign Productions

Sachi has 48 Cameo PixBars, 400 Led Pixel bars, and 10 Cameo MovoBeam 100’s that provide the dance floor with full lighting coverage. Sachi's VIP area has 22 P3.9 HD video cabinets for interesting and eye-catching visuals throughout the night.

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