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Join us at Sachi Nightclub for a night unlike any other in DC.

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Lively. loud. illuminate. 

A mesmerizing audio-visual paradise like no other awaits you.


Immerse yourself in the underground oasis of Sachi, nestled in the heart of Downtown, DC. This enchanting venue, inspired by lush rainforests, beckons up to 400 guests to indulge in its captivating ambiance. Get ready to be awed by a 27 ft bar and the luxury of bottle service.


Step into a world where drama and intimacy converge effortlessly. Sachi's exotic materials, mesmerizing plant installations, and kokedamas suspended from the ceiling set the stage for an unforgettable experience. And with cutting-edge sound, lighting, and visuals curated by iDesign Productions, prepare to be transported to a realm of pure magic.


Join us at Sachi and elevate your senses as we redefine what an audio-visual journey can be.

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